Welcome to SK Editing

Accuracy matters, but in today’s fast-paced world many of us are resource-stretched and time-poor. If you’d like your copy to be clear, concise, and captivating, but don’t have the time, man-power, or inclination to comb through it, I can help.

SK Editing is a native English-speaking editing company based in Hong Kong. I created it to help businesses and individuals develop copy that’s free of errors and confusion. Whether you’re building your brand, expanding your business, or simply need an extra pair of eyes, I’m here to help.

As a journalist, I have the skills and experience to ensure that your copy is refined and professional, and clearly conveys your meaning. Unlike many of the big-name companies out there, I care about the craft. I’m passionate about catching errors and polishing copy to perfection. Typos, unnecessary waffle, style inconsistencies, unclear ideas, fluffy sentences, misplaced punctuation marks; I’m on it. Sit back and relax knowing that your words are getting the tender loving care they deserve.

Living in Hong Kong is a huge part of my work. As well as proofreading for Hong Kong-based companies, I am also a certified, experienced ESL teacher which means that I’m familiar with Hong Kong English and the writing habits that follow many Hongkongers from their schooldays into the working world. I ensure that your copy avoids these common pitfalls and sounds as professional as you are.